Individual and couples counselling appointments currently AVAILABLE in Rushden

Counselling in Rushden with a registered
Person-Centred therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be right for me?

Before deciding whether or not to get started, it can be helpful for us to meet in person. It's an opportunity to get to know one another and decide if we feel suited to work together. 

We can talk about the areas of your life you might like to address in counselling, and answer any questions and settle any anxieties you might have about the process.

How much does it cost?

An initial 30-minute consultation is just £20 and comes with absolutely no obligation to begin counselling with me. 

The cost is then:

£40 per session for individuals (50 mins).

£50 per session for couples (60 mins).

Payments can be made in-session by cash, card or Apple/Android Pay. There are no minimum or maximum number of sessions, and no up-front payments required.

What happens in counselling?

We meet at my garden room office for regular, 50 minute sessions of talking to each other. Together, we explore the difficulties you are facing and work to understand how you feel about the things that matter most.

From this can grow a deeper understanding of yourself, and a greater feeling of control over your life.

Are my problems too small?

‘I’m sure others have it worse than me’. It can be tempting to compare our situation with that of others, leaving us concerned that perhaps we ‘shouldn’t’ feel the way we do. 

But try as we might, this line of thinking does not change our feelings. We feel how we feel, and it is by working WITH these feelings that we can change and grow, rather than by attempting to banish them.

Are my problems too big?

Life can become so overwhelming that you might wonder where we would even begin in counselling. Current  events, or something that happened in the past. A feeling that has been with you for as long as you can remember, or something you have only recently begun to experience. 

Person-centred counselling enables us to work out together where to start, and take things step by step from there.

Could it make me feel worse?

The purpose of counselling is to feel better about things. However, the journey can be difficult. You might be looking at things that cause you pain. But by working together to keep you safe, we can manage the difficult sessions.